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The Galaxy Tree
Image Credit & Copyright: Csar Vega Toledano ; Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt
Messier 86, 84, 8, and 42

Messier 86, 84, 8, and 42

Hi ASOD. I’m from Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a triple sketch made in “El Triunfo”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Object Name: M86 (First Sketch), Lagoon Nebula (Second Sketch) and Orion Nebula (Third Sketch) Object Type: Galaxy (M86), Emission Nebula (Lagoon) and Reflection Nebula (M42) Location: El Triunfo, Buenos Aires, Argentina Date: 19/04/2015 Media: Graphite Pencils 6H, 4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B. Inverted with Photoshop Telescope: Meade Dobson 8″ Eyepiece: BST 18mm (M86 and Lagoon), SP 32mm (M42) Weather: Clear Seeing: Excellent I hope you enjoy the drawings. Regards & Good Luck!

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